5 DIY Projects to try this weekend

We tried the whole sleeping under the stars and moon thing earlier in the year. Actually, we barely made it outside our African cabin (in the woods) before startling a leopard and pegging it back inside. So after that whole experience, I thought I'd give the whole under the moon sentiment another go. 

I'm sure you're aware of my habit of sneaking more greenery into the house. The Lemon, Banana, Olive trees find little hidden spots. The expedit/kallax units brim with tomato plants, horseraddish and rhubarb, and then an idea came to mind... the walls. 

Peace Lillies are my favourite house plant - it's the best plant for stripping VOC's from the air, it strips out any mould spores, and they grow insanely easily. 

If you've ever been around me when I'm getting ready, the words "where's my (insert jewellery item here)" crop up far too often. 

So I've been attempting to counteract item displacement with organisational tools. 

Any Marquee style light has been at the top of my interior covet list as of late.

After a week of hard work in the kitchen renovation I was still on a Create type high. So, I had a bit of an idea... As a bit of background, right now Andrew, Apollo and myself live inBirmingham's Jewellery Quarter in an old loft building which was once a beautiful factory. The walls are long and high, every now and then interjected with original redbrick. I find that by creating little collections, scattered together in clusters, resonates my taste without taking away from the original beauty of the building. 

marquee lights diy.jpeg

The last time I found myself in an incident with a plastic fish bowl, the circumstances were pretty different. This time, the requirement for Absolute Vodka was substantially reduced, which was sensible because the project required utilisation of power tools. 

hanging terrarium diy.jpeg