The Problem With Time

So many people aspire for success under the pretence that it’s some kind of attainable goal that could materialise in the future. In reality, this attitude does nothing but hinder achievement. Successful people live and breathe “success” at every moment, which ensures that their goals are firmly embedded in their subconscious. In their minds, they’re already there!

Why does this matter? Well, while the mind is exasperatingly gifted at wandering to all the wrong places, the subconscious is a star when it comes to prioritising the things that really matter. It’s in sync with your deepest thoughts, and actively spotlights the most important tasks. Basically, if you continually push goals and dreams to the front of your mind, you subconscious will do everything in its power to make them come true.

Sure, you can continually review goals inside your head. But for powerful reinforcement that brings a sense of tangibility to the table, a pen and paper are formidable weapons. Or of you prefer, a keyboard and screen.

Time management skills female entrepreneur

Intrigued? Read on for more insight into why daily goal setting is so important, and how lists can categorically fast-track your success.

Goals offer clarity

It’s all too easy to meander through life with vague goals, yet never actually define what they are, or how you plan on achieving them. Resetting goals every day, and writing them down in the process crystallises your objectives, and helps to articulate exactly what it is that you want to achieve. Essentially, it gives you laser focus on where to channel time, energy and effort.

Goals motivate

Goals represent a person’s innermost desires, and are an intrinsic source of motivation. They inspire progress and movement, and fuel morale when times are tough.

Goals bring accountability

Rather than just talk about what could happen, goals hold you accountable for what you do and don’t achieve. They’re concrete objectives, which means that you’re either obliged to take action, or accept that you’ve failed, or given up. 

Now we know why goals are so important, let’s take a look at how list making can enrich your achievement strategy.  

·         A physical reminder

As aforementioned, the mind loves to wander. This means that even if you try your absolute hardest to stay focussed on goals, it’s likely that your conscience will pull you elsewhere. Lists help the mind stay focussed and on-track by offering a tangible overview goals.

·         Control information

Research has shown that the more organised a person’s life becomes, the less stress they experience. Furthermore, their ability to focus improves. Writing down goals reduces the anxiety associated with information retainment, which subsequently increases brainpower, decreases stress and contributes towards a more efficient existence.

Whether you’re an ambitious entrepreneur with a new business venture underway, a high achieving student with A-grades on their mind, a corporate go-getter with crushing responsibilities or simply an everyday person who wants to achieve their goals, the importance of list making and daily goal setting should never be overlooked.