Insert Coffee to Begin

Everything we had read about Vizslas suggested that they were active, high energy dogs... 

...well, that's true to an extent. 

However, they're also the biggest duvet lovers I've ever come across, especially Apollo. 

It's quite a challenge getting him out of bed in the morning. 

For me it's easy, a big fresh pot of coffee will get me moving. 

After a night with family, we pottered downstairs, said good morning with blurry eyes "coffee?" 

Then, we positioned ourselves in the kitchen like a troop, juggling plates, bacon under the grill, rinsing fresh berries, pouring coffee, setting the table and manning the pancake station. 

Once it was all cooked, we made our way to the table, carrying plates of local bacon past the dogs. 

We took to our seats, then chatted and sipped, just as we had done the night before. This time, a fresh roast rather than a fine grape. 

Food moved around the table as we filled our plates with our favourite pancake toppings. 

When it comes to real sociable meals, breakfast is my favourite. 

It's such a positive way to start the day. The excitement for the day ahead and the endless chatter is a recipe for perfection. 

The coffee, well that's pretty good too... 

After the first round of pancakes we dive in for a second, the dogs eye up the blueberries - by far their favourite fruit. 

We chat, nibble, it's all so very laid back, 

Then, we indulge a little more, whether it's in smooth greek yoghurt or another round of delicious coffee. 

...then remember the most important message...