Birthdays in the Sky

Today, is ma Daddy P's Birthday! He's not here though, right now, he's closing contracts in Ethiopia. Hopefully *fingers crossed* he'll jump on a flight in twelve hours time to come home for tomorrow morning!

I thought I'd share a few snaps of him and ma Momma...

They've lived in a million different places, and she's accomplised a world of education and was my favourite teacher when we lived in the sticks.

A million years ago, they Eloped...

Ma Daddy P is a giant in the engineering world, and I'm so amazingly proud of him. He builds BIG things, such as dams, harbours... he's also a concrete genius, random I know, but his mixes line Londons underground, global roads etc. When we went to Lego land in Winsor when I was a youngin, I kicked up a fuss, proclaiming that the blocks weren't Lego, and my mum turned to me and explained "Yes, that's your dad's design.Talk to him about it."


On another note, I'm back in the shire with ma Momma for a few days, and she's gone insane. We have a mouse in the house, and she's going Gangsta on it, Braaaping it. I'm scared.