Hello *waves manically*

So... This weekend, I got old, I got 21. Exciting, so so so very exciting becuase I got to spend the day with friends I've loved and held dear for almost a decade now. Rockey, the great, swooped down from Manchester. Ray buzzed in from Leeds, JoJo from Northampton, and one of our oldies, Si, even came.


It had been over a year since I caught up with Simon, he was one of my best friends, I loved him so much, things change and people change. It's great now, because I'll be moving back to the Shire for the summer, and it'll be so fab to have people you really love around again.


Okay, so one, two, three, four, a million more, shooters, cocktails, and all sorts and we were dancing gaily to the Spice Girls! It was a wild and wonderful night.

Indie Boy totally won me over! With the uh, handbag above, it says.... Praaaada! Not only a fantastic handbag, but also a HUGE piece of bling. Wow, wow, wow. I love that man. Superficial yet?

Sunday was spent with extended family, my wonderful Fairy Godmother who showered me with far too many designer cosmetics. My dearest and oldest neighbour and her beautiful boys too. The day was lovely. That was, after I recovered from a bit of a hangover. I felt like the above picture, so happy, yet so very rough!

Please please please keep me in your thoughts, tomorrow night is the big opening of my photography exhibition, and I'm pretty scared!

Have a wonderful week peeps, all the best!