My little corner

I'm leaving home this eve after some very yummy treats with my fam and Fairy Godmother. I'm heading to pack up my place in Birmingham, for now. I tire of the yucky grungieness of the place, I want something new and pretty...

Here's a sneek peek...

Welcome to my Birmingham house. It is very nice becuase I share it with Indie Boy and DeePee (and two others), IB and I live at the top of the house and downstairs, I have the biggest and best dressing room!

There is certainly nothing special about it. I'm hanging around in september to do a fourth year, but... I want to live in the city centre, right up high in a beautiful high rise!

These photos are creepy.

Strangely though, it's one of the first houses that I feel comfortable. I've lived in ALOT of houses during my life, maybe a dozen...

These are my bare feet in a very dirty kitchen. My house has recently become divided due to the retardation of a nasty piece of work. So... I'm not making an effort, I'm gone for the next month. Phew.

The gate below is so darn pretty.

Generally, to me, a house is a house.

I love this photograph of the downstairs sink. It looks d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g. Well, actually, it is.

A year ago, this house was beautiful. It was filled with love, with fun, and so many good times. Now though, it's just a means to an end. Both in time and in friendship.

I'm not sad, there are no regrets. I'm EXCITED! There are a million awesome new oppertunities around the corner. A mondo photographic exibition (OF MY OWN!) at this specialist venue in the summer, internships and awesome travels!

It sadly takes the loss of one to remind you how much you have and make room to gain so many more.

Good gosh, this spiel practically calls for Mily Cyrus "Life's what you make it"

Photographs: Indie Boy