Health & Beauty Updates

It's been such a great summer so far - good health and product choices have been at the top of my agenda. 

You know what a mess I can be in the mornings - rushing around, grabbing the dog lead, prepping for meetings, ah the list goes on, life. 

Dry shampoo is always at the top of my priority list. Herbal Essences Clearly Naked 0% dry shampoo is fantastic - it's free from chemicals and works a charm. 

I am the worlds biggest celery lover - I get through sticks by the dozen each week. Juicing celery, apples, fennel and cucumber in the mornings is my favourite way to start the day, the benefits are endless - inflammation reduction, skin clearing, low calories, cholesterol friendly... oh and all the minerals help stress reduction! Win, win and win! 

French Martini's have been my tipple of choice for a very long time. The main reason for this long love affair is most certainly the key ingredient - pineapples! 

They have endless benefits, they help reduce any inflammation, improve digestive function, improve vision, they improve energy levels, ah the list is endless. 

When I'm not wolfing down chopped segments or drinking the fruit in vodka cocktails, I'm finding any other way to consume. 

Stumbling across Organique in the city centre was a gem - the shop has so many fantastic and ethical treats on offer. I have such an affinity with their pineapple face masks! 

When it comes to cleansing and exfoliation, Biore's Warming Blackhead Cleanser is a daily staple. 

To hide long nights and early mornings, I've been in love with Elemental Herbology's eye elixer. I've been using it with eyelash brushes, tweezers and other preening instruments.