My hairstyles through the AWS years

Okay this is an intense post. 

"6 years of hair" is a very loaded few words. 

I'm not sure if it's a my daily habit of 8 brazil nuts or just genetics, but my hair grows incredibly fast. As a result, I've never really been that attached to it. As a child, I was happy with it waist long or boy short, it never bothered me. Infact I preferred boy short because it was so easy to manage. 

The worst hair situation was when I was 5 years old. My Gosh... 

I was at a printing company who were doing some work for my family. We were in Johannesburg where we lived at the time. My father left me outside the meeting room, with a 3m roll of pink flavoured bubble gum - his passe parenting approach is normally hilarious, but this story, just traumatic. 

There I sat, chewing, half a meter here, half a meter there. Until I was chewing the entirety of the 3m. 

Then. Phowr. 

I blew the biggest bubble gum bubble. 

It was bigger than my head. inorite

Then. Pop!

My hair was un-saveable. There, in a meeting room, I stood while two receptionists chopped. 

To say the least my mother wasn't particularly pleased... my head had to practically be shaved. 

Since that, trauma, I've gone through a whole lot of other styles. Nevertheless it always grows out quickly enough. 

Aged 19 I started going seriously grey, I had to start colouring my hair with intense regularity. I changed colour easy enough, going from ash to more blonde highlights. 

Later through the years, I really fancied a change, I had been blonde a few times before, but never white blonde. 

I loved the colour! White white bleached hair. I got through purple shampoo and conditioner like nobody's business. 

Then, a few bleaches in, I really got uncomfortable with the chemicals. 

I worked so hard to rid my body of nasty chemicals in food and my environment, that exposing my hair and head to it felt wrong

All the bleach took its toll and damaged it quite significantly. The hair dressers who tried to remedy this, suggested products ridden with parabens and nasties. So, I just stopped one consultant mid speech "just cut it off." She had to sit down. By then my hair fell mid back and it was so so long. 

Two... perhaps three, hours later, I left with a boyish cut. At the time I was at my most muscular and leanest and the look was perfect. 

Since then, it's grown past my shoulders, I'm avoiding bleach (but still oh so tempted!). 

Today, it sits just longer than my shoulders, it's been brunette for almost six months.  

I feel bored at times and the temptation for a dramatic cut is still there. Perhaps the next dramatic style could be super long, but then again, the weight of all that hair can lead to migraines for me. But then again, to be able to plait a fishtail would be pretty awesome... Perhaps in white blonde?  

For now, we'll see what happens, I keep eating oily foods and nuts and coconut oil. Over washing it is avoided and I hardly ever back comb these days. It's healthy, but at one simple single length it feels less edgy and more, safe.