5 Minute Makeup Routine

A few years ago, I discovered sleep. 

Previous to that, I had been medicated for early heart disease inherited from a pretty cool family heritage. Statins were my daily feast, and one of many of the side effects they had on me was sleep deprivation. 

After working for years to mute my epigentics, I finally came off the drugs and went from 4hrs of sleep a night to... 10... 11. 

I love sleep! I feel like I'm making up for all those lost years, or at least that's how I justify lazy mornings. 

If I can save ten minutes and add it to my morning shut eye, I will. Which is why I've got my daily working week makeup routine down to a quick 5min - with a coffee break in the middle! 

Click below for the 5min video - get a coffee on the brew and join me! 

After a super quick shower, I'll part my hair - at the moment the length is the longest it's been in a while and falls naturally just off centre. 

I use conditioning spray to keep it bouncy and soft through the day - especially if there's lots of driving involved because the AC really dries it out. At the moment I'm loving Aussie's Miracle Hair Insurance and haven't yet found anything as good - apart from a dash of coconut oil in water and a diffuser spray, which is my favourite when I air dry my hair. 

As I start the hair dryer, four little paws normally come screeching through. 

He jumps up, barking, as if to warn me. 

Apollo's barks are becoming so much more dog like and less puppy. 

I use a ceramic hair straightening brush to tame the ends - once this one gives up I'm eyeing up these Denman ones. 

Hair moderately dry, I apply a BB cream - right now i'm okay with Simple's BB cream but I'm on the lookout for something more organic. 

I then use a dry mascara wand to brush through my eyelashes and over my brows. 

Then add a thin line of black eyeliner over the top lid.

Then when it comes to applying mascara I apply it to the upper lashes and then the bottom row of lashes. 

Pretty quick and easy - giving me more time to zzzz....