Autumn Beauty Essentials

Temperatures have been dropping fast, this morning on our sunrise run out with Apollo and Aura the ground was solid with frost. 

Indoors and the heating is on high, windows tightly closed and blankets splayed everywhere as a mitigation measure against cold toes - and cold Vizsla ears. If you follow Aura and Apollo on insta you'll have seen the amount of blankets that they hoard and drag into their beds - quite literally they'll pick one off the bed and drag it around with them - almost as a plea to turn the heating up, it's all very dramatic! 

Anyway, things also feel pretty dire in the offices. Since founding WISP Global we've been inhabiting a beautiful old office in a gorgeous an historic building, with high ceilings and original feature windows... and little fan heaters stacked on mass under desks. When I'm not at our headquarters I'm in client offices, with locked windows and heating on full. 

Nevertheless the air is incredibly dry wherever I'm working.

So my skincare routine has become much more regimented, with lots of oils and intense moisturisers galore. 

At home, I'm meditating, praticising mindfulness and filling the air with essential oils. It may not be an active extrinsic way of staying healthy this winter, but the soul intrinsically feels pretty nourished. 

Working in offices with recirculated air is a bit of a hazard especially if a colleague comes down with flu, I've got hand sanitising gel in every pocket and every handbag as a means of combatting illness this winter. 

I love Ren products, in general. They align with my chemical free values and this intense anti aging moisturiser is everything that I need in my life right now. 

Now, I've never got so excited about water in a pressurised canister as I did when I first tried Avene's Eau Thermal Water... 

It is everything that your skin needs when it's particularly dry. Remember though, the best moisturiser comes from the inside, stay hydrated with fresh water and lots of herbal teas, but if it's really nasty out there or in the office, use some of this! 

At the end of a long day I've been lathering with almond oil after a good exfoliation with Cowshed's Grumpy Cow Shower Scrub. 

It turns a grumpy cow into a fully exfoliated and happy cow with essential oils aimed at stress relief. 

Micellar water has never really won me over, and I'll be honest, I'm still not loving it. Simple's is okay, it's still got a few chemicals in it that I don't love, but I'm okay with it. It's also extremely affordable and stocked in my village grocery store, so, laziness prevails. 

One thing I am in love with is Balance Me's Expression Filler. It's a 5am godsend for tired eyes getting ready for client meetings! 

I guess for the same reason I'm okay with the Simple Micellar water, I've always been a fan of St Ives Exfoliator. It's easy, it works and it's stocked locally! 

One thing that it always to hand is a good pair of Tweezermans - I love big dark brows, and keeping them in order with these beauties is completely neccessary. 

While every inch of me wants an extreme haircut right now (I'm longing for the 2013 head shave again - maybe this time in bleeched white) but, for the same reason I've never got my sleeves of tattoos, right now I'm in too corporate a role and so conform. One day though when I pack it all in to run away to a cabin in the woods and run a coffee shop, I'll go there. 

I haven't really touched on this on these pages, but I'll go there today - I've been actively exploiting my grey hairs. Yes, that's right. I have many greys, large patches and streaks of white like Storm. My peers and colleagues are substantially my senior, and my sector remains relatively male dominated. I've found that with more greys, I just fit easier. 

Now there may be something cataclysmically wrong about that, but I'm still figuring it all out, for now though, it's easy. It's easy to not have to fight to sit at the table as I'm seen as one of them. My roles however always evolve and change, and this may be very temporary. 


With long locks I'm deeply moisturising - I shampoo with Waitrose's Purifying shampoo and condition with Sukin's Nourishing Conditioner. 

As a daily go to, I'm in love with La Roche-Posay's CC cream. It's the only layer I wear on a daily basis and through the day I top it up, providing extra moisture to the skin. 

I also load up on nuts, my favourite are Brazil nuts and I always have a bounty to hand. The high fat oils in them provide extra nourishment from the inside out and leave nails feeling strong. 

That's the most important thing - nourish from the inside out and stay hydrated!