One fifty, one fifty, one fifty, two fifty, one.

The hanger hit. 

It was a chilly afternoon and the coffee had worn off. Luckily there's the easiest recipe embedded in my mind, Denby Cake Off worthy in fact! 


150grams salted butter

150grams sugar 

150grams chocolate and almond pieces 

1 medium egg

250 grams self rising flour


Got it? 

Think one fifty, one fifty, one fifty, two fifty, one. 


Lets say it again, one fifty, one fifty, one fifty, two fifty, one. 

Instead of processed cane sugar, coconut palm sugar is so much more caramelising and syrupy. Biona's coconut palm sugar works fantastically in baking, we love the thick caramelised taste of it when cooked. 

See, for your ease it's been potted out for you... one fifty, one fifty, one fifty, two... 

The almonds and chocolate were chopped up all in one. If you're feeling super chocolatey, swap up some of the butter portion for extra melted chocolate - go for milk or white chocolate. 

Mix the butter and sugar, then the flour, then add in the chopped pieces. 

Spoon balls of the mixture out onto a buttered tray. Keep them golf ball sized and flatten out with the back of a spoon. 

Pop into a pre heated oven for 7-8 minutes until golden. 

During these 7-8 minutes, put the kettle on, I want to tell you about a favourite tea blend of ours from J.Atkinson. Their Energy Gurana blend is fruity and delicious. 

...but... it's in the name - energy guarana! In this blend the guarana makes up 15% of the tea. 

It smells fruity, and after a three and a half minute brew... it's so tasty. 

Once the cookies have cooled, it's time to get serious. 

Uh, okay maybe not cooled entirely... 

Serve them, share them, keep them all to yourself, but... Enjoy!