Bake Day!

So alas, monday evenings are so dull and dreary, as like most nights in this house. Bonding with the homies wasn't high on my agenda so I tempted the Joo around with some yummy home made food, Indie Boy went on a booze run and Knitter Girl swung down to give a helping hand with cupcake insanity.


I felt like an eve of magic and laughter, and a whole lot of sugar!

Magical little treats in beautiful cases, vino and silly laughter brought DeePea, Knitter Girl and I back to those days of childish school girl silliness. Yay!


While we baked, Indie Boy and the Joo played with photographs in preparation for a wee excursion with PhotoSoc, which I am now PRESIDENT! Excitement!


Have a lovely day little flower children xoxo