The Alhambra, Granada, Spain

With time at a premium on this trip we chose not to visit the inside of the palaces and instead gained an overview of the place itself. So much of the grounds and gardens are accessible to the public with out the need for full tickets and to be honest seeing the length and duration of the queues to gain entrance felt incredibly overwhelming. On our next trip I've decided that the late evening tours of the palaces around ten, eleven o'clock at night would probably be the best way to gain perspective of the mystical magnitude of the architecture itself. 

Many of the buildings and museums were open to the public including the magnificent church with vast swarms of swallows living high within the supplier. 


From the Alhambra you can look out onto the city. The views are breathtaking as the sun dances between the rooftops as you near sunset. It is like something out of a painting, avast unfolding landscape not much difference to how it would have been so many centuries ago. 


The buildings themselves in the exteriors works of art in their own right. Stone masons of that time would have been highly skilled craftsmen with so much pride in their work, carving out near monolithic structures. 


Within the walls of the Alhambra just a short distance from main entrance is the little cafe shed where if you walk past in a hurry you'll miss it. It serves the usual fare; sandwiches ice creams and bottles of soft drink and cold water, however, if you head to the far corner of the shed will find a beer tap. There they sell small servings of ice cold beer for a mere two or three euros. The trees which line the area just outside the cafe shed our wide and provide shelter from the midday sun beneath them are long stone seats where you can find yourself chatting over a cool crisp larger to fascinating travellers with wonderful experiences of their own and fascinating takes on the old Palace. 

Also it's a pretty great spot drink with your wonderful husband! 


Looking through these photographs I feel as though I need to talk a bit about the recurrent Blue star skirt and Bardot top which is been making repeated appearances since Summer 2017. Last year I made a promise myself to consume significantly less. For the majority of the year I bought an ordered very few items in a bid to re-evaluate the necessity for constant unnecessary replenishment. Sure, over a decade ago these pages started at the journal to capture new places in the fashion inspiration born from them. Like everything dynamic and living in this world, we change and looking at this Blue Star skirt I see a huge change in myself and my goals for growth.