Three Decades

River Meditation

I’ll be honest,  10 years ago if you would’ve asked me I probably never would’ve believed that I would live to 30 years old.  

I guess it was a combination of many factors. Factors from health, terrible life choices and to simply living hard.  My belief at the time was that everything was all nothing and to achieve you had to burn out.

Luckily along the way I learnt how to take stock. I learnt how to celebrate gratitude. I learnt how to slow down which was crucial factor for improving my health.  

Up until my mid 20s I had lived with heart disease for many years and worked with wonderful teams of well-meaning specialists to diagnose and treat and provide perscription after perscription.  

A few fortunate events lined up, as they often do when the universe conspires to give you what it is that you truly want. I committed to a wonderful man who I loved wholeheartedly. Our years together and the journey with one another had started and I decided that I didn’t want the medication. I didnt  once the side-effects of new test drugs that were far stronger than that which my small body could handle.

I grabbed heart disease by the horns. And I beat it after a few years and that to date is my biggest accomplishment. Yes sure I have a few successful businesses under my belt I am part of a wonderful company that has grown organically out of truth and trust for one another. Yet health  has been my biggest accomplishment and to be here today to celebrate three decades living this life seems to me an utter wonder, a miracle of the universe. 

I don’t know what the future has in store. I don’t have sight of what the next phase of my future looks like. From experience, all I can say is that it will be filled with a whole load of laughter. Ridiculous guttural laughter and smiles so wide that my face aches.  

There are so many wonderful people who I get to share this journey with. Great friends, acquaintances, colleagues and clients, my family, my tribe. This decade I promise to myself, that I will be focused on balance. I will choose to remain focused on time to build and uplift both myself and those around me. I will choose to share positive messages about future proofing and thriving in the world that we are forming ourselves each and every day.  

Travel and laughter and new adventures, combined with hard work and determination, combined with nourishment and downtime and screen free time, mentoring and being mentored. Well, that to me is one of the greatest aspects of life. 

As I celebrate, I raise a glass to all of you. Each one of you who inspires and supports, cheers to you.