Spanish Sunshine

We arrived in the Spanish mountains just before sunset. Sure, I have been to Spain many times before. Mainly city breaks or beach breaks, but never have I ventured into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

There were two items on the agenda to this break. The first being a family event and a family break focused around downtime, playing card games and endless hours of fun in pool pool with the kids. The second item on the agenda Wise a mini break to the city of Granada and the high Sierra mountain range. The motivations behind the second item on the agenda is that on paper the region appears best for year-round adventures. In the summer of the mountains provide a perfect backdrop hiking and biking and Trail running, all within an hours drive of beautiful beaches and perfect coastal roads. In the winter of course the high Sierra range peaks at over 3000m in altitude, providing the perfect conditions for beautiful piste skiing. 

But that's just side project which is ticking over in my mind, tempting me to region. 

Okay back to the trip. 

It will come as no surprise to you that I love big cars. Being adventure ready in 4x4's is essential part of our life and if it comes to crossing rivers and streams or tackling tracks and switchbacks well I'll be the first to put my hand up and offer to drive. 

On this break though, I figured we wouldn't need anything too substantial so went with a tiny little car with an engine comparative to that of my hairdryer, and I'll tell you what, I loved it! It just goes to show you that perceptions you have harboured and developed over a decade can fast be challenged and smashed to pieces. 

On the way back from Granada to the Almeria region where our family were staying, we took small rural backroads along the mountains, stopping regularly to admire the views behind. 


When we weren't exploring and driving, we were spending focused downtime with most wonderful people. Listening to each other's favourite playlists while snoozing in the afternoon sunshine, endless card games with my beautiful nephews and when it all got too hot, dipping into the pool. By far perfect way to spend a break...