Spring Beauty

As spring nears is the perfect reminder of time not just for spring cleaning to revitalise your skincare regime. Now, you'll know that I have you against unnecessary chemicals, endocrine disruptors disruptors, generally nasty stuff that you wouldn't want to ingest anyway. 

So as they see out with the old and in with the new. 

My favourite nighttime moisturiser has been Super Facialist's retinol anti-ageing cream and intensive serum. I often apply it with a Jade Roller and indulge and truly thank my skin for all the trauma I put it through. 

Feb 2018-2000.jpg
Feb 2018-2005.jpg

I'm particular night where I know my sleep is going to be minimal and I've indulged in one too many beers, Super Facialists vitamin c plus brighten and renewal sleep and reveal night cream is a saviour. 

Feb 2018-2017.jpg

Sukin is the favourite brand of mine at the moment. It's an Australian based company with excellent values and a no nonsense approach to disclosure of contents. I use the detoxifying facial scrub sparingly as it is truly robust and cleanses incredibly deeply. 

Feb 2018-2011.jpg

About once a week I use Sukin's antipollution facial mask which does absolute wonders! It is also completely affordable at around £5-£10 a pot. My wonderful hairdresser also introduced me to Red Ken's powder grip which you apply to the roots of your hair and it provides day long volume with no greasing effects. An absolute gem!

Feb 2018-2009.jpg