Signature Divine, Oudtshoorn, South Africa

Just at the entrance gates to the Africa Inn is a fantastic little cafe with a wonderful garden. It's also a wedding venue with two large beautiful barns to cater for you. 

With the sun beaming down on us we popped our heads into the cafe, picked up some menus and found a spot outside in the warm afternoon sun. 

Dec 2017-203.jpg
Dec 2017-205.jpg

Inside the little cafe is a selection of local crafts and delicious bottles of local wine. We chose a bottle of wine and sipped it in the sunshine. 

Dec 2017-211.jpg
Dec 2017-210.jpg

Although, the tables in the shade were wonderfully tempting too. 

Dec 2017-208.jpg
Dec 2017-206.jpg
Dec 2017-209.jpg

We sipped, laughed, chatted until the tables around us filled. Apparently the menus are fantastic, however just up the hill we had our little home where ingredients for a grilled dinner and dip in the plunge pool awaited... but we took another bottle of wine, you know, for the long walk back! 

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Dec 2017-207.jpg
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