Pears in the Garden

If you share our journey on Pointers End, our home renovation journal, you'll know how hard we're working to protect the old pear trees in the garden during the construction work ahead. 

The trees are decades old, talking to our elderly neighbours they seem to remember the trees being planted around 30-40 years ago. It wasn't until our first harvest this year that we found out that two out of the four trees were infact apple trees. One of the apple trees seems to be cooking apples and the other is deliciously sweet.

With treefulls of delicious fruit we've been distributing them amongst the neighbours, leaving boxes out at the front for walkers to pick up as they pass. We were passing our elderly neighbours out back the other morning, they were out in their garden tending to their own pear trees and we stopped to chat, exhausted from a long cross country sunrise loop on the bikes we caught our breaths and they offered the most delicious apples to us. The fruit was deliciously sweet and I couldn't help but remain in awe at the wonderful connections that we've made over the summer months by sharing our little garden harvests. 

June 2017 -4-2.jpg
June 2017 -29-2.jpg
June 2017 -12-2.jpg
June 2017 -13-2.jpg
June 2017 -9-2.jpg
June 2017 -11-2.jpg
June 2017 -25-2.jpg