Sunset around the Chilterns

Ever since my chat with Elaine, our niehgbour and mid eighties adventurist, I'm taking more and more time to appreciate the routes that her efforts pioneered around the Chiltern Hills.  

All the time, I talk about how grateful I am for this little piece of the world. Returning home from a night in the city or a long day with clients I ecstatically look forward to arriving in the rural fields. 

Every night we find ourselves in different locations, walking, running or biking. I have a few favourite locations where I feel blissfully at ease. 

As the sun dips low towards the horizon the old trees of the forest start glistening and the light is utterly perfect, magical even. 

As a small business owner, I'm exposed to so much dialogue about mental health and as we continue to expand our team, policies about the promotion and acceptance is all the more important. 

For me, there is no better stress reduction than being outside... strange that, how after almost a century of spending our days in dimly lit rooms and the last few decades under fluorescent light staring at screens... there's a mental health crisis. 

Anyway... getting outside wherever you are, is so important. 

Marveling at how small we are when stacked up against these towering trees a part of me wonders how we will move to one day make changes as individuals. It may seem extreme, but when we will cease the constant running in directions toward business and enterprise and just start creating slower economies where our time is the most precious resource rather than that final figure. 

At so many corporate events, or society events, the question "what do you do?" arises, I often call myself a serial mistake maker, or a frustrated creative who just likes falling offgrid. 

Instead of returning the question, I like to ask "what do you enjoy doing in your downtime?" that's when the conversations really start! 

...and d'ya know what, if trudging through muddy woods in wonderful wide brim fedoras is your thing, well hell, embrace it!