Let's be honest, a scoby isn't particularly pretty looking. A scoby hotel, well that's just a bit grim. Despite all my negative feelings towards their appearance, I'm kinda into these little guys though. 

While on my health journey towards a heart disease free life, I figured improving the microbiome of the gut wouldn't do any harm. So I'd drop a small fortune sipping my way through tiny servings of this miracle drink. Quite a while into the journey my tastes started changing and I could feel that my internal system was gearing back up. 

In the last few months I've taken the plunge in learning how to grow, nourish and cultivate these chunks of great bacteria.

Experimenting with different teas and sources of sugar has been a learning journey in itself. My reliable fallback is loose leaf earl grey with a blend of muscavado sugar and honey. The outcome is a delicious gently fizzy drink which fits perfectly in lieu of a glass of wine or cool beer at the end of a day.