On the trail, Peters Lane

With warm temperatures I've been watering the gardens most evenings. The other evening as I tended to the topiary in the front garden, a neighbour stopped as she passed to say hi. We hadn't met properly, only waved at one another in passing. 

We got chatting and she said she’s clocked us out walking/biking/running in the fields behind her house, she asked in great detail about the trails and told me all the best places to forage for fresh fruit.

“Elaine, how do you know all this!?” I asked, she explained that half a century ago she organised a group to map out all these walks around the Chiltern Hills. As I picked my jaw up from the floor, she told me about her downhill and even heli skiing days in Europe and North America, and that she’d been up to Everest base camp twice but climbing the mountains in South America were always more fun.

Elaine is in her mid eighties and she says that each day as she does her stretches she thanks her knees for all the adventures that they’ve carried her through. Elaine said we should grab a beer at the pub sometime, I think I’ve made friends with the coolest girl in the village. 

As homage to her great efforts setting these trails and pioneering these routes through the hills, we've been walking as many new ones as possible, including this one which starts just outside Princes Risborough on Peters Lane. 

You follow the path into the woods and loop around through the hills into dramatic woodlands and rich vegatation.