With a years anniversary since we returned southwards to rural Oxfordshire approaching, I can't help but pinch myself as we wander the surrounding landscapes, just a stones throw from our little home

A few miles into the valley there's a spot that I've fallen in love with, so much so that after the work on the house next year I'm going to get in touch with the landowner and see if I can put an offer on a small corner of it. 

During the winter months it was quite barren, with a few wild shrubs dotted around. I'd walk it regularly but only recently has it completely surprised me. 

It's covered in a blanket of clover flowers which have bloomed into a rich hum of pink tones. 

My imagination is going wild considering the options for a corner of the field. As I often sit meditating amoungst the flowers, there's a hum of bumble bee activity - a part of me wonders if I have what it takes to keep bees. Or with dirt track access is it a suitable bolt hole for a small off grid yoga studio. 

Apollo and Aura quite like the idea of it being a field purely for them to sniff out rabbits and roe deer. 

The other morning on an early sunrise walk across the track we disturbed an enormous stag munching away at the leaves. With the dogs at my side they looked up at me as if to say "lets leave this guy alone."