A Mini Retreat

It was in the middle of a yoga retreat earlier in the year in Bali when on instagram I found The Selfish Start Up.

Chances are if you've ever caught me on a weekday between 6am and 10am, I'm deep in the throws of some kind of business focus. Afterwards I tend to catchup with teams and people around, disrupting, not in a 2017 innovation kinda way, just in a disruptive kinda way, nosy even. Then mundane admin follows until the day winds down and my primary aim is to get out on a long walk. Inbetween all that, like most business owners, all the other plates need spinning - accounting, organisation, responding to clients, lining up brand content, and if it's a really easy day and I go above and beyond to be self centered, I'll dash off on time, squeeze in a yoga class, and maybe make some great nourishing food. If I drop my needs for business or client demands, I'll do a half hearted yoga session at home and throw some stale fruit into a blender to drink. 

All of this, is adulting, business owner style. 

Perhaps like many of you, we're not alone. Courtenay, founder of The Selfish Start Up, is bringing a community together and making life a little easier via great yoga retreats and business workshops. First, she did what many of us dream about doing - packing in the 9-5 and working on our own hussle. Now, she's running a beautiful studio and retreats where she creates an environment where our mind can quieten and our bodies are nourished but all at the same time, with a focus on how as a community we can build one another up with great tools and shared lessons learnt. 

I joined a great group at a mini retreat at a beautiful venue in London. There we started the day with a fantastic yoga flow, shared our business journey so far, indulged in delicious food and workshopped our way through the pinchpoints we often find ourselves facing. 

The day nourished the mind, soul and body, it also reiterated that while sometimes we can find ourselves stuck and feeling like we're the only ones facing a challenge, we're not. There's a whole community out there. 

Sometimes we've just got to open up and be raw rather than insta perfect as small growing businesses. We're not going to please our entire audience, but that's okay, this is a pretty huge space that we occupy and the more honed in a honest our voice is, the more vulnerability we offer our clients, the greater the chance that relationships will continue growing over time.