Around the Rudloe Grounds, Corsham, Wiltshire

While the inside of the Rudloe Arms is pretty spectacular, the outside is just as intriguing! It's set in 14 acres of grounds made up of farmland, pastures, woodlands and manicured gardens. 

We popped on our boots and headed out into the grounds to explore. 

We wound our way through the paths and followed signs for different parts of the gardens. 

A short walk through the woods and we ended up looking out from the top of the hill and out onto the rolling country side below. 

I've glamped in some pretty lovely little Shepards huts before, but this one looked utterly lovely. 

Although just beside the Sheppard's hut it was just a complete pigsty, and not to mention, the neighbours were pretty loud. 

Although I have to admit, they won me over pretty quickly! 

Although, as our conversations often descend, Hobbs, our family Vet started explaining that these guys can be ruthless and we got pretty mafia. 


We quickly moved onto the other paddock which was filled with beautiful lambs and sheep. 

You may have seen on insta stories, I've been nominated by some great people to become a Freeman of the City of London, which means all sorts of great things... one being walking sheep around the city. I asked Hobbs where I could borrow sheep from, or whether it would be beneficial to adopt my own livestock. The short answer, no, it's very difficult with licencing etc.

Andrew was elated that I had been talked out of getting sheep "Rish, I'd be the one to end up having to look after them." He reaffirmed, correctly - livestock in the village is probably a stretch too far.  

We continued around the grounds, passing the lovliest chicken coops... 

Erm, or perhaps Guinea Fowl coops instead? 

Further into the next small paddock area we found the chickens, wandering in a perfect line, much like a white feathery forensic team. 

We followed behind, just encase they were combing a crime scene... 

...or perhaps they just lost a worm? 


With low light and beautiful orchards of fruit trees we chatted about any and everything. Spiritually refreshed from Bali we found ourselves enveloped in philosophy with my favourite Theologian. 

Perhaps it was the conversation, perhaps it was the light that drew me to endless Golden Spirals of little ferns. 

Happy and in search of dinner, we wound our way back through the tropical gardens and back to the hotel.