Around Bath, UK

I hadn't been to bath for a very long time and I hadn't seen my dearest cousin Katie Alice for a very long time, so enough was enough! 

We headed into the city, parked up and caught up over a delicious lunch. 

Then, excited to continue around the city, we ambled and weaved our way between the beautiful buildings. 

We popped past Eric Snooks, the once famed toy shop of Bath and Covent Garden. Eric, a relative of my late grandfather passed away recently so there were some significant closing down sales. 

It felt like a bit of an end of an era knowing that my favourite Steiff Teddy Bear Supplier will be no more. Almost as though he was one of the last of his generation in my family. 

After a strange goodbye to the shop, we continued our walk through the city. 

Fantasy house hunting as we went... 

Wisteria framing the old doors made everything look oh  so beautiful... 

But then, so did the roses! Any flowers around any door or window just gets me weak at the knees.