Towersey Walks, Oxfordshire

Leaving the city at the end of last year I never could have dreamed that we'd be so lucky living in the middle of knowehere.  

The house is perfectly located for endless walks with long big fields out back and national pathways connecting endless walks.  

Apollo and Aura are kinda okay with the choice too... sometimes we choose the route, sometimes we follow them.  

With a personalised OS Map on hand we can always navigate a way home!  

The front cover is of my favourite walking view, following the pups.  

With weather completely changeable from chills in the air to downpours to hot dry conditions, I've always got the backpack ready.  

We amble through fields of sheep with little lambs. Crossing streams and woodland, it all lovely and magical.  

The farmers are forever busy, this guy and his spaniels are regular faces when looping the fields.  

While these lovely little calves can be heard from the house, Aura will take any opportunity to carefully approach their gate, I've caught her sitting smugly at the gate receiving kisses from the cows before... still trying to figure out what to make of it all!  

Perhaps it's the colouring, but this one and Aura have a real thing going with one another...  

While the rest of the herd stare on... we bid them farewell until tomorrow and continue home.