Little Hampden Woods, The Chilterns

With spring temperatures creeping warmer and warmer any opportunity to be outdoors has been fully ceased. 

A new favorite location is the woods around a small village called Little Hampton nestled in the Chilterns and a stones throw from Chequers Estate. We park at a spot in the village and follow the paths out across the vast fields and into the woods. 

Apollo, by far is a trail dog. He is utterly brilliant when it comes to following a path. 

Aura on the other hand is a true hunting dog... sleuthing through the grass and scrub stalking her pray. Often we call to her "Aura, leave him alone" and often the command falls on deaf ears. 

We cross a vast wide field with ground so dry and cracked. 

On many occasions we have disturbed groups of deer, huge hares, eagles and oh so many pheasants. 

Across the field we enter a blissfully quiet woodland. 

With so many fantastic scents to follow, Apollo and Aura race back and forth, sometimes disturbing creatures, but often just happy to be in the woods. 

Andrew and I will take a moment, calm in the quietness of the woods to just simply be. Sometimes I find myself in a state of meditation, embracing the moment and feeling truly alive with the power of breath. 

We've made a promise to picnic in these woods soon, take lunch and a great book and loose hours in the quiet. 

Although... on a few occasions this not so little fella has followed and watched us from afar... instigating that awkward feeling that you're being watched...