Sunset in the Chilterns

This warm dry spring has been lingering for what feels like the longest time. The warmth of the sunshine is utterly insatiable. 

Taking any opportunity to race out into the low light of dusk, we venture out into our favourite locations. 

The long grass is filled with pheasants, rabbits... 

...and especially two very energetic Vizslas!

We race down the track, me chasing them, them chasing me.... 

Each day spent out in the fields around our home I cannot but feel like the luckiest person in the world. Returning home after a long day in client offices or city locations feels like a holiday. As I drive through the villages back to our Pointers End it feels like the drama of the day lifts. 

Aura, like a little kangaroo leaps through the dense grass on dry ground from months without a good downpour. 

She has this habit of ducking down, hiding in the long grass with her little head just peeking out and watching Apollo, then, as he passes she leaps up to attack him!

Always oblivious to her this is often the end result... a face of panic! 

Winding through the paths the sometimes run out, and sometimes stay at our side, walking to heel without a lead. 

On this occasion I watched from behind as they placed each step carefully on the ground... Apollo screeched to a halt, sniffing the air with intent. 

I raced over to his side, he held his stare, indicating where to look. Open in a clearing beside the canopy of trees, we held our breaths in a stare. 

A family of small Roe Deer stood in the clearing, watching us as we watched them. 

Three tall antlered deer stood. What seemed like the longest time, we watched one another, breaths held. Apollo stood and I whispered stay. Andrew held Aura, given a chance to chase down a family of deer, chances are she'd take it and our commands would fall on deaf ears. 

After what seemed like forever, they broke the stare and resumed nibbling on grass. 

The sun dipped lower, kissing the horizon after a few minutes. 

We knew it was time to leave the deer to enjoy the last moments of the evening before turning in for the night.