Bluebells on the Ridgeway

Passing the woodlands as I drive through the lanes around our home, every now and then a deep blue colour hums from the woodland floor. 

Intrigued I picked up Apollo and Aura and off we strolled into our favourite woods on Bledlow Ridge. 

Aura led the way with utter enthusiasm... 

A few steps later and we arrived to a beautiful blue carpet of bluebells. 

The dogs sniffed the scents of woodland creatures along tiny thin tracks. 

Feeling utterly blissful and truly content, we watched out through the trees, listening to birds above calling and singing to one another. 

The flowers spread out as far as we could see. 

It was apparent that these two were pretty happy too... 

Wandering around the trees we picked out great future spots for picnics as the temperatures warm. 

Apollo posed beautifully waiting for one of his favourite venison treats... 

...not to be outdone by Aura of course. 

They had their treats and off we wandered home.