Vineyard Walks, Leipzig Country House, Nuy Valley, South Africa

After the storms the previous day, a regional power outage followed the night before. So we woke with the sunrise, with no particular agenda for the day. We had hoped to while away the day by the poolside in the sunshine but couldn't complain because rain is so desperately needed across the country. 

So, we headed out to explore the vineyards. 

Sept 2017-145-2.jpg

Being the only guests we had the place to ourselves to explore. Unfortunately though, because we were a little out of season in November, they weren't running any of the farm experiences which are advertised.  

The first stop on our walk was the wine tasting buildings and offices...

Sept 2017-146-2.jpg

...mainly to play with JB the resident Lab puppy! 

Sept 2017-153-2.jpg

We played chase with him and called him between the three of us, rewarding his recall with puppy cuddles.

Sept 2017-151-2.jpg
Sept 2017-150-2.jpg

After a bit of play we headed out toward the vineyards which are located at the foot of beautiful tall hills. 

Sept 2017-160-2.jpg

Compared to our favourite manicured french locations, these vineyards were almost wild with vines sprawling out away from the central wire terraces. 

Sept 2017-161-2.jpg

Manicured or not, the most important element is how well the grapes grow and the flavours they produce... 

Sept 2017-193.jpg

Wide tracks between the long lines of vines were beautifully welcoming, Leipzig offer beautiful wedding packages and I can't help but dream of the delicate wedding photographs which could be captured amongst these scenes - especially with an ethereal pink sunset flare. 

Sept 2017-155-2.jpg
Sept 2017-158-2.jpg

The winds picked up, transitioning between sunshine and overcast rapidly. 

Sept 2017-156-2.jpg

Nearing the far end of the property we watched the sky turn dark and angry over the mountains and the wind was blowing those clouds straight towards us. 

Sept 2017-157-2.jpg

We turned and upped our pace back towards the house, between the darkness of the clouds and the breaks allowing the sun to beam through, the light was just so beautifully illuminating. 

Sept 2017-159-2.jpg

Within seconds large heavy raindrops cascaded down. Saturating the dry ground and leaving us huddled beneath the branches of a tree. For a minute the rain suddenly seemed to cease and we figured we could run the last leg back to the house... 

Sept 2017-111-2.jpg

We leapt between the puddles racing back as low rumbles of thunder rolled over the hills into the valley. 

Sept 2017-109-2.jpg

Then the skies opened up to heavy summer rain which set in for the rest of the day, replenishing the reservoirs and offering much needed water to crops. We gave in, already saturated, and made our way back to the house where we spent the rest of the afternoon waiting out the storm playing games of Yahtzee, sipping wine in front of a roaring fire. 

Sept 2017-162-2.jpg