Karusa Vineyard, Oudtshoorn, South Africa

While staying around Oudtshoorn we were advised to head out along the road to the Swartberg pass and turn towards a little hamlet identifiable via a tall church spire. 

We followed the advice and headed out towards Karusa Vineyard on the outskirts of the hamlet. Arriving to the beautiful destination nested in the foothills of the mountains we were overwhelmed by the luscious green beauty of it all. 

The wonderful team chatted through our tastes in wine and presented me with a beautiful crisp chilled glass of white and seated us on the lawns beneath a big tree. As I approached the tree I heard a little rustle... 

Sept 2017-190.jpg

... and this little woodpecker popped his head out to say hi! 

Dec 2017-176.jpg

We flicked through the menu, over ordered, sipped more wine and immersed in conversation and laughter I completely forgot to lift my camera. We shared pizzas and flatbreads and a huge bowl of summer salad. 

IMG_2798 2.JPG

Full and utterly content we wandered the long lines of vines. The sun was high and incredibly hot, bumping temperatures that day into mid 30s. 

Dec 2017-185.jpg

Hatted in Snooks Panamas we shrouded ourselves from the sweltering sun as we wandered row after row of vines. 

Sept 2017-197.jpg

The vines, sprawling and thriving in the combination of heat and abundance of water were wonderful to explore. Sometimes you can't help but wonder whether nature acknowledges and rewards us with bounties of fruits and harvests. Chatting to the great team at Karusa it is evident how important local social responsibility is to them. The vineyard provides significant support to the local community, investing in access to education for everyone and providing employment opportunities to promote social cohesion for all.

Now, that's pretty big. 

What an excellent reason to support the vineyard! 

Dec 2017-179.jpg
Dec 2017-184.jpg
Dec 2017-178.jpg
Dec 2017-183.jpg

Across the expansive lawns a lovely little lake stood out against the arid hills around. It was like a little oasis with the breeze cooled by the deep waters. 

Dec 2017-194.jpg

In a perverse series of 3rd screens, Andrew Captured me capturing the above photograph on the lawns in a kinda instagram v reality. 

Tired from our walk and wilting in the heat, we returned to the tree for another cool Chardonnay Viognier... 

Dec 2017-198.jpg

...with this little guy watching, waiting to nibble crumbs. 

Dec 2017-174.jpg