Sunset Dinner, Africa Inn, Oudsthoorn, South Africa

After a week of indulgence around Cape Town, Stellenbosch and the Wine Lands, we were ready to reduce our pace a little. 

We had checked into the Africa Inn just outside of Oudsthoorn along the garden route along the Cape. 

The owners of the Rondaavals were wonderful and after dropping our luggage we headed back into town to pick up bags of firewood and food. Walking the isles of the local Checkers childhood memories rushed back. All the foods I grew up eating, all of the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables on mass... and of course the chocolates and sweets. 

We filled baskets with fruit and veg and beer. Then returned back to our little piece of Africa for a few days ready to grill our way through the cool summer evenings. 


Delicious fresh red grapefruit flame grilled is a bit of a BBQ (or braai in South Africa!) favourite of mine. Any bitterness of the fruit is replaced with delicious sweetness. 

IMG_0450 copy.jpg
Sept 2017-179-2.jpg

My favourite go to snack is Kale Chips with olive oil and paprika, so in a piece of foil we cooked some on the grill above the roaring fire. 

We loaded up on chopped butternut squash and aubergine with a load of avocado and fresh salad leaves. If you follow me on insta you'll know that I've been ditching the meat and cheese for a more plant based life at the moment, mainly for health and environmental reasons, but that can be pretty tough in South Africa where meat, especially game plays a huge role in meals. So at the start of the trip I decided to where veg options are impossible, source the best meats in moderation. So this was a huge treat - massive thanks to Andrew for prepping such a delicious meal, he had a small slice of brie with his grilled veg. 

We still had some delicious wine from our stay at Leipzig, so aired it, sipped, chatted and watched the sun set over the grasslands leading right up into the mountains. 

The views were breathtaking, with the sunset dancing colours across the skies and birds soaring on the final thermals of the day back to their nests. We nibbled and grazed, cracking open a few bottles of local beer. 

The grilled grapefruit made for a perfect little treat, I would have drizzled some maple syrup had I have made it at home. Perhaps in the new year as we move into our caravan and demolish most of our home to rebuild it, I'll post a few caravan kitchen recipes. 


The fire crackled and I wondered if this moment right here may just be the best dinner view I have ever been lucky enough to witness. 

Sept 2017-176-2.jpg