Gift Guide // The Foodie

When it comes to family recipient demographic, I think it's safe to say that we fit in the foodie category...

...and I'm okay with that

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One of my favourite treats is coffee... freshly roasted and efficiently delivered. Now, I've been in love with J Atkinson for the longest time. They provide a coffee companion service, where a new roast is delivered monthly. Our friends gifted us a subscription and it's been perfect. 

Atkins Coffee Hopper Subscription Gift

Our tree is filled with little felt and DIY ornaments, we try to buy local where possible, especially hand made. Not on the Highstreet is filled with crafters who create to feed their passion, I'm in love with these little felt hanging decorations

Atkins Coffee Hopper Subscription Gift
Blogger Foodie Gift Guide 2016

Now, chances are that if your recipient is a bit of a foodie they'll make their own lunches. The Box Appetite range from Black and Blum is just the gift - their products are durable, beautiful in design and utterly practical. 

If there's something small that you can do to donate this festive season, it's to send out charity christmas cards. The past year Great Ormond Street Hospital really impacted our lives, as did many other charities, pick up some local charity cards and pop a few extra pennies in the charity box at the till. 

Box Appetite Gift Guide Blogger 2016
Box Appetite Gift Guide

Now, if your recipient isn't a coffee lover, then a little bag of beautiful tea may be the perfect gift. Camomile may be exactly what they need in their busy lives, and again, Atkinsons has a great selection of teas which you can order online. 

Atkins Coffee Hopper Subscription Gift

Camomile is a perfect way to wind down, in the summer I love kiwi and strawberry tea - chilled and iced with fresh mint leaves... infact, come the warmer months I'll share a few favourite iced tea recipes! If your gift recipient is a gym bunny or just in need of an energy boost, Tisane Energy Gurana is the best for a natural pick-me-up. 

Atkins Coffee Hopper Subscription Gift Tea
Atkins Coffee Hopper Subscription Gift Camomile Tea