A family affair

Cucina Rustica has fast become a family affair... if you ever find yourself in the city and hungry head out of the CBD towards this gem of an Italian. I love the place so much that I even asked DeliverRoo if they could include them on the takeaway menu... despite only living a stones throw away. 

After a day of moving house - CiCi and Momma headed by for dinner. I offered to cook, and by cook, I mean book a table. 

We caught up, chatting and laughing away. Momma's just been backpacking through India with my Godmomma and their stories are just insatiable. Pretty much everyone in my family has spent time in India except me - perhaps the best reason for holiday plans? 

We sat at the window, every now and then people watching out onto Ludgate Hill. 

I've been in love with my Junghans chronograph recently - especially because we're limited to walking time with the puppy I've loved using this watch to monitor how long we've been out! 

Plus, it's a pretty beautiful piece - a real testament to engineering and skill! 

I sipped Pinot Grigio in the warm summer sun... 

... and loved hearing about Cici's adventures! 

We abled back to the loft, enjoying the quiet streets. 

Then, with a doggy bag of leftovers, met up with this little Viszla... 

Erm, I think there's another #vizsla in the building....

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... in all, a fantastic Family eve!