Elevated Celcius

We had weathered out the heatwave in the city centre all day. Early evening we finally gave up - Andrew presented Apollo's lead and the pup hid his face under his paw - as though to say "no, c'mon guys" 

After some coaxing we jumped in the car, ten minutes later we found ourselves lakeside at Swan Lake... not for long though, with temperatures still touching 30c, I'm not sure who was quicker to jump in - me or the pup! 

In we went! It was the first time he's been in water deep enough to really swim - and it was fantastic watching him paddle so effortlessly. 

Every now and then I would wade in further, and call him over. Between Andrew and I he ran and paddled with a huge smile on his face. 

As the sun fell closer to the horizon it was time to leave. Reluctantly we ambled ashore. 

... we quickly dried off as we walked towards the car. 

Arriving back home we quickly jumped in the shower and washed the lake off. 

As we did, Andrew cracked open a gem of a find - Sparkling French Cider from Connollys

Ice cold it perfectly rehydrated! 

... and we kicked back on the terrace as darkness slowly fell. 

Earlier in the day I had quickly made one of Udi's Gluten Free Chocolate Cakes - it was delicious and soaked up the last of the cider as we chatted late into the night. 

Ahh... heatwave, I kinda like this whole thing...