Silent Streets

Following the arrival of the pup, I've been seeing a whole lot of the early morning city streets. During the week, a 6.30 nip around the block is slightly more populated with both end candle burners rushing to their offices. 


On on the weekend though, the streets fall eerily silent. Homeless people shuffle into life from their safe havens of Colmore Row and the side streets of the business district. Every now and then trainers pound past on the hard pavements, pushing personal bests.  

We stroll in our own time, pointing out parts of buildings never noticed through crowds, the pup runs the diameter of the lead.  

For these strolls my uniform is that of layered basics. All denim shirts are a throwback favourite right now, along with sandles of every sort. 

As the shops unlock their doors, we are spoilt for choice. Today The Boston Tea Party on Corporation Street was the choice. 

What started as a let's grab a coffee, quickly evolves as I run my eyes through the menu. 

French toast with avocado and bacon, mmmmm!!!  

We than make our way closer home, where we can't resist the sunshine and bask under the rays in St Paul's Square. 

Apollo follows his nose, chasing scents and stalking pigeons.  

Still hungry for vitamin D in the sunlight, we crossed the square to The Rectory.  

Apollo is fast becoming a regular there, we sit outside, watching the world wake up.  

He spots the occasional bird land, and begs for a chase...  

Not today little guy.  

He had a fall a few weeks back and his movements have been restricted to short 5min walks at a time while his hips recover. We're with Manor Vets in Edgbaston and they have been fantastic.  

Maybe next week we can push our endurance...  

For now, the coffee is getting cold. Perhaps another?