Penchants satisfied

"Drop me off here!" I shouted. 

While Andrew and Cici parked the car beneath the castle, I made a beeline towards the houses facing up to the big fortress walls. 

I am a relentless RightMove watcher, and amongst my many dream locations is Central Lancaster. A beautiful terraced cottage (and I use the word cottage liberally - it's huge!) has come up for sale. On most trips to the city we seek coffee at ungodly hours - normally just before closing or just after opening - and we tend to find an on street spot just opposite this beauty. 

Anyway, I couldn't help but dream - it's perfect garden, robust design, and mere meters from J. Atkinson - the perfect coffee institution. 


If only... 

Okay back to reality! 

Just next door to the Coffee Roasters is Priory Hall or The Hall - it's a delicious spot for a catchup. 

Inside we ordered a Syphon of each single origin available, we found a table, chatted, and watched the extraction process. 

Using a syphon on an induction plate always reminds me of school science lessons. We jabbered, Cici has some pretty awesome opportunities ahead and she's found herself some great experiences. 

Steam billowed, beans brewed, it was all to perfect! 

The three syphons arrive, we sip, comparing and contrasting the flavours of this black gold. 

Inevitably, it's time to leave, we're caffinated, and feeling great. 

We headed back to see the pup - we'd snuck out while he lay sleeping in the sunshine! 

^^ Low and behold - full of energy!! 

He is getting great at retrieving "Larry the Lamb" at home he has a handful of other buddies - there's Keith the Bird and Richard the Pheasant who he likes fetching too. 

Larry was dropped sequentially at each of our feet - then thrown or hidden while he watches in full alert. 

While the others took turns throwing Larry, I snuck off duty an wandered around the flowers, loving how beautiful and simple they all were. 

In the warm afternoon sunshine, ice cream was initiated - good call because it was delicious! 

It didn't last long - I wolfed it down! 

Then chilled out as much as an overly caffinated person can!  

We watched the Pup racing around, following his nose, chasing his tail, stalking butterflies... 

A perfect evening!