Merry Viz-mas!

This Christmas wasn't a White Christmas, but instead a Viz-mas. Vizsla Apollo has been joined by the newest addition to the family - Vizsla Aura. 

If you've checked his Instagram lately you'll have seen pictures of tiny little Aura! We collected her two weeks ago, and life has been turned upside down in a puppy whirlwind. 

Since the new addition came into our lives, he seems to have grown and come on leaps and bounds. Suddenly he is so developed and such a big dog in terms of his temperament and attitude. 

She tries to rule the roost, picking arguments with her stoic attitude. Aura seems to think she's a big dog and tries to start fights. Which in effect means that training is going to be pretty tough with this one! 

Apollo tries his best to stay out of the way and avoid trouble, he's been teaching Aura how to nibble and play nicely

It's been tough having a tiny puppy around, all the sleepless nights, the howling, the neediness. 

But... hopefully it's all downhill from here. We've been puppy proofing the loft and keeping decorations out of reach. 

Aura is most certainly going to be a little nibbler! 

We've been getting through lots and lots of candles, burning scented candles constantly while we're at home to diffuse any potential puppy smells. 

It is so exciting having another little ball of fluff in our lives. I adore her personality and cannot wait for all the travels and adventures ahead with these two.