Autumn Definitions

Being born in May in the Southern Hemisphere technically means that I'm an Autumn baby.

Apparently the season of your Birth can affect your personality later in life, like Star Signs and Chinese Birth Years, time can influence the fundamentals of your being.

Trippy right? 

Anyway, researchers from Budapest studied 400 people and found correlations between personalities and seasons - there's more about it here in a Telegraph article. As an Autumn baby I'm meant to be excessively positive and less susceptible to depression. 

On the flip side, I'm a Taurus, and born in the Chinese year of the Dragon. Both of which means that I'm stubborn, precocious and unwavering - even if wrong. 

Call me what you will, but I have never been too worried about definitions. Or perhaps in the past, I was. Or perhaps not, I never dwell too long to find out. 

Like summer leaves browning and falling away, we have so much opportunity to change and start fresh. 

Isn't that pretty sweet? 

With nights drawing in and days getting all the little shorter, we've been taking every opportunity to get outside and race through blankets of leaves while they're still crisp underfoot. 

There are a few favourite spots where the world seems to still and so quiet. 

For me, my favourite moments seem to always be high in the mountains or deep in the forests, where the world always feels so still. 

Well, still for a few seconds at least before Apollo comes tearing through! 

Each day he becomes less puppy and more dog. 

Sometimes I catch him watching me, just watching, taking it all in. 

His limitless energy and enthusiasm is truly infectious. 

On down days, or when a migraine grips and I slump into a dark bed, he joins me, just watching. Nudging for a walk when he knows I'm on the mend. 

He runs circles around us and we are truly enamoured by him. 

Having an excuse each day to get outside and leave the city for fresh crisp air leaves me so grateful towards the pup. 

A stick and some fresh air and we're both pretty content...

Okay, maybe not just and stick and some fresh air... 

But a stick, some fresh air, and a whole lotta pretty leaves!