5 fast - food recipes to try

Okay maybe not fastfood but instead fast,food. When a wave of Hanger starts and the world just isn't that rosy anymore, I've got 5 quick and easy recipes that will be ready for Hanger relief in around 10-15 minutes. Brace yourself, and let's go!

healthy fast food recipes to try

Rice noodles are a cupboard basic, we buy in dry packs of them. Sometimes for work, a nest of noodles takes three or four minutes to cook in boiling water and can be made fresh in the office. 

One fifty, one fifty, one fifty, two fifty, one. 


150grams salted butter

150grams sugar 

150grams chocolate and almond pieces 

1 medium egg

250 grams self rising flour


Got it? 

Think one fifty, one fifty, one fifty, two fifty, one. 

Cavolo, which is quite simply kale, sounds so much more fantastic and elaborate when said in bravado Italian. It doesn't need selling though. It's so versatile and easy to work with, we've been having it baked with salt and paprika in lieu of crisps, it's a key component of most smoothies that emerge from the mixer and when simmered in a shallow pan it's pretty good too. 

You know those times when you haven't managed to make it to the supermarket and you're pressed for time and would really like to spend more time getting ready rather than cooking? Well, that's me down to a Tee, if there's an easier way that doesn't compromise health, I'll take it. 

When they're not growing in the vertical garden, we stock up on green beans with pretty much every shop. For this dish, I fried a handful of green beans along with some copped onions and garlic. Follow the instructions on your packet noodles to cook them, gently frying the beans and onions for three to four minutes.