Bridport, it's always a pleasure

Packing the car to leave the coast this morning, I can't help but check over my shoulder nervously. 


It would be only practical that the residents of this beautiful location, escort me out via the A35 with pitch forks and burning staffs. Well, not quite.  


I still can't shake the spider incident of Friday night. Which followed with a spider incident on Sunday resulting in jokes and gags with family.  


Fridays critter account left Saturday breakfast choices limited. I could hardly return to the venue so soon after silencing with screams of arachnophobia. Note to self: deal with it.  


So, to feed the dozen hungry hatters Waitrose's fresh pastries were utilised and contently consumed.  


Fed and ready for the day I made on of many choices for the day.  You may have seen this one before, the black ribbon brought in the dress perfectly. 



Ready, we ventured to Millenium Green where beautiful pups, hounds, canines, big, small, vocal, chilled and just entirely lovely we're hatted and being judged.


This one sported Vivienne Driftwood (gettit... Drift...wood... Ahh I'm too funny!) sourced from the beach.  

It seemed time to switch the wide brim up for a narrow brim Sombrero - arrrriba! 


We we then made our way around town back to find members of the family, or anyone that would have us. Luckily though Frances had just left a talk at the Bull Hotel.  

Upon this encounter we then instigated bubbles to celebrate! 

Located in the window of a cafe bar, more and more tired and hungry humans found us and appeared. 


Tired from the excitement, a twenty minute snooze was needed before the afternoon competition which showcased fantastic millinery pieces. 


This is one of my favourite parts of the day. The very technical and beautiful pieces, these were the winners. However, there was such an array of very expert and technical entries that I was so very humbled by the sheer creativity and ability. 

In my black cap, I copped a quick selfie with my beautiful aunt before heading back to drag a brush through my hair and prepare for dinner. 


We popped back to the Ellipse where our entire family all joined us for a great end to a fantastic day!