I feel like a squirrel. Not in the rabies sense, in the hibernation sense. 

I'm engulfing myself in all my favourite luxuries ready to fall asleep through the cool evenings.  

To start with, I might just have the cosiest bed situation. 

So much so that I struggle to find reason to leave this deliciously warm engulfing duvet. The silk fill of this cocoon is like a dreamy cloud, my logic is that if you spend 8 hours a day wrapped up in it, you've got to go all out! Plus it's a dream for allergies, there's endless benefits of using mulberry silk filled metaphorical clouds (ooh I love saying it - mullllbuuurrrry silk!). 

Okay I've got to hit the snooze button, I'm not ready to leave this silky dream, I mean duvet, kinda. 

It normally takes the smell of coffee to instigate this behaviour... 

And with Andrew sleeping blissfully, he's the best early morning delivery barista - yipeeee! With our move towards a more chemical free existence, which has helped in my move towards being heart disease free (for nearly 18months now!!!), we've been finding asthema friendly products too. We've got a glove of a mattress topper, uh, which works really well for this... 

I found these hilarious eye masks from Primark, the Pug is a huge favourite. 

Then there's the obligatory Peace Lilly which sits aside the bed, with a little painting of a place I love

After meeting my grandfathers cousin a decade ago, a Feng Shui guru, I began understanding the philosophy. There are main principles I take with me through the day and allow them to impact my life. Wood is an element I'm always injecting as a means of cure. This piece, a secret box, was a gift my father brought back to me from Kashmir. It took the craftsman weeks to whittle out this artwork from one large chunk of local grown walnut. 

My aunt, a wonderful quilter, sent me this embroidered cushion that I find myself using more as a comforter than cushion. It's such a beautiful reminder to embrace creativity! 

Then there's my desk, which today is just harbouring my breakfast. When the temperature drops, the Gabi we found in Ethiopia years ago is my favourite blanket as I sit catching up on my favourite blogs. 

Ahh... after that bedroom tour runaround I need another caffine hit...