We decided to head out and search for coffee before the world shook into life. Barely cognitive and highly decaffinated, I slipped into a wardrobe staple jeans and a grey tshirt.

I've been having alot of brogue related issues recently. Andrew has a wardrobe of brogues, it's so easy to get good brogues for guys, but girls, pfffff.

Ours just seem to always have injections of tat and they never seem as hard wearing. It's my current mission, find a good classic pair - if you have some insider knowledge or can recommend any, hit me up in the comments.  

Phew, rant aside, let's get back to it. 

I teamed up a staple shawl type boarderline blanket scarf, nestled under Andrews arm, and off we went. 

We found coffee. Up until that point everything seemed like a strange blur.

Almost like that scene in Hunter S Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, where Johnny Depp and Benico Del Toro attempt to dismount the carousal - this scene

Uh, anyway.

I passed this little bike which reminded me of a blue one that we kept at my grandparents house in Dorset. When we'd visit from Africa, I'd spend the summer with my cousin, cycling up and down the old rope maker courtyards. 

Then we wondered over to the market... 

The strelitzia's looked fantastic, so we stocked up on a bunch. 

They're so structural and cheerful. 


Caffinated with a handful of botany, we ambled back, for an afternoon of baking and wine. Perfect oui?