It's as though Autumn's appeared all of a sudden. The leaves are turning golden and all the birds are congregating ready for a winter in warmer climates - what a luxury! 

The hedgerows are lined with soft fluffy layers of thistledown. I couldn't help but try to avoid the prickly stems and disperse the seeds. 

The roar of Canadian geese, squarking at one another until they fall into place, is a regular soundtrack. 

While the tree branches shiver as the squirrels hop frantically on their last stock up for the winter. 

Of course I'm finding every possible reason to retain various headwear items. This piece from T.Snook's is a favourite, the felted wool remains robust in structure. 

Watching the flocks find their formation kinda reminds me of the emotionally traumatic childhood film Fly Away Home

As they circled, picking up the high thermals, it reminded me of parapenting earlier in the year, soaring high and watching the ground disappear from underfoot.  

Until next year little geese...