Easy Vanilla Cheesecake

When Andrew's cooking, it'll be methodical, planned, with a guaranteed delicious outcome. When I cook, it's normally out of desperation, hanger, or out of a memory of something I liked. This one stemmed from hanger, and I didn't quite think it through because after the 2hours to set in the fridge, I was one cheesecake short of a biscuit and it felt as though the world were ending. 



Biscuit base: 

100g ginger snap biscuits

100g digestive biscuits 

50g butter



300g cream cheese

200g mascarpone

200g white chocolate 

For the biscuit base crush the biscuits until crumbly, then simmer on a low heat with the butter until they form a sticky consistency. Then form into the base of a false base pan. Leave to cool while you get onto the filling. 

With cheesecake, we've used the sainsburys so organic soft cheese before and that tastes deliciously creamy and sets perfectly.

Spoiler alert: it contains 8X more calories than a pot of low fat Philadelphia. If you can deal with the calories, I cannot recommend the organic enough, but this time I went with low fat Philadelphia. 

Mixed it in with the mascarpone. 

Added 200g of melted white chocolate. 

Smoothed into a false base pan and left in the fridge for two hours. 

Then, as if 200g of chocolate wasn't enough, I added a grating of extra chocolate to decorate and layered sliced figs to serve. 

The whole post main meal cheese and fig thing works pretty well for me. Just don't try using stilton in the cheesecake. Or maybe... no.