Fresh Pears and Dreamcatchers

We nipped out to the farm shop to stock up on local harvests. I got a bit overwhelmed by the fresh juicy pears from the shops own walled garden. 

Damn they so good. 

I got more than I intended, a massive haul if you will.  

Let me side line quickly about my outfit. I've been trying to leave the house more not wearing caps, like this wonderful soft woollen pice, whenever I venture into rural or supermarkets in caps, security cottons onto me and stalks me around. 


In preparation for Ethiopia I'm focusing on playsuits, trekking vests and scarf layers. Actually, pretty much the exact below outfit sans heels.  

You'll have seen this jacket time and time again, a staple. The heels, Sam Edelman again from this post, I'm also in love with Dreamcatcher's ethics and this vest has the perfect drop arms for me. 


Fresh pears in hand we returned home, the sky was darkening and the colours dancing across the clouds. There was a little chill in the air and I wondered how long until the first covering of frost on the ground. I had a real hankering for comfort food, AJ requested a pear and almond tart, ooh...  

We boiled 4 big juicy pears the night before making the tart in 400ml of water with 100grams of sugar and two cinnamon sticks added. After 20minutes on the boil we drained them and left them to stand overnight. 



While the pears were on the boil we proofed the pastry to leave overnight.  To make the pastry we used 120grams of Doves gluten free flour with 80grams of local butter and began mixing the two ingredients by hand before adding in 20grams of sugar and folding in a duck egg. I turned the mixture into a ball and wrapped in cling film to go into the fridge overnight. 

The next day it was rolled out into a pastry tray with a false bottom, poke some holes in the base and blind bake in 200c for up to 20minutes. We got to work on the almond filling. 


Almond filling:  

We adapted Michelle Roux Jr's recipe for this part and mixed up 125grams of butter, 125grams of ground almonds and 125 grams of sugar, with three duck eggs,  and a splash of rum. 

One the pastry base was ready we poured in the filling, layered up the pre made cinnamon infused pears and baked in the 200c oven for 40minutes until it was golden and the filling baked. 

It tasted so good! I think even more cinnamon sticks and maybe a vanilla pod would have worked a treat too. There's only one thing for it, make more!