I arrived home, after a long commute and in the box thinking. 


Frustrated and in search for a wider world, I arrived home and commenced with a series of images that have been in my head through the day. There's something beautiful in the idea of sinking, in the concept of drowning in warmth. One of my greatest values is that of life forms around me. There's nothing more calming than producing plants and food. A part of me panged today knowing that it would be months before I get to see a huge inspiration of mine, not that she realises, what with her programme driven systems and methodical processes. I felt that with a world so busy with complexities, with task lists and quick fixes, it was all too much. Through these images I feel a small release, of something so vital to my life - plants and life. 


Have a look through this set, and let me know what you think the plants are encompassed in... Top marks to the winner...