Realisation that I live in cars, moving from place to place, overwhelmed me. Looking at recent selfies and daily Instagram "hellos!!" over and over the same scene but different location cropped up. 


I'm used to driving, in fact I'm a bit of a petrol head and love driving. The gang of pilots I befriended while taking flying lessons, offered drop offs in the highlands. While flying in little Cessna's is very cool, behind behind the wheel carving lanes and making the most of suspension is my thing.


Or at least it was. Splitting time between being a passenger and moving between locations on bland motorways has dulled my enthusiasm. In general. After drives, whether for work or pleasure, I find the journey forgotten in a haze of mind fog. Robotic and disengaged. That's not right surely? It's time for a dose of life and prescription of enthusiasm! 

Patricia SnookComment