Peace, out!

So, CiCi was packed up ready to head back to study. Before leaving we headed out shopping for home wear pieces to her new flat.


I was ready to buy vodka by the litre for her, but apparently that's no longer a thing. Cue aged feelings. Anyway, she identified a need for champagne glass wear and suitable redwine goblets, I could insert a in my day comparison at this point, but for my own pride I'll resist. 


Instead we found candles, woollen throws and plush blankets, robust book ends and of course, crystal champagne glasses. 

It would be irresponsible of me to let her leave without just one crucial item, a Peace Lilly. Not for it's perceived purpose of creating peace and tranquility. Instead for the fact that these plants make for one of the best air purification systems out there.


So, this one, a little baby from one of my momma plants, was added to her boxes. 

The little swift was packed up, along with mommas 4x4. Driving it to her new home I looked down as the miles turned, this was my car years ago and I still kinda like the little thing. 

We parked up outside a new block of flats, they had just been completed following a summer of construction. I looked up the roads to the terraces where I once lived. Economies of scale? 


There was some complication with the keys, so we took a tour of the building. 


First, Cici took us into their cinema. Pardon!?  When she said there was a cinema I assumed an Odeon down the road. Again, cue the in my day comparison. 

Then into the garden room... 

And gym... 

I was so confused, where were the nasty landlords and snail trails on the walls? While unpacking the cars, we chatted to other residents and their families, nervous at leaving their babies. It then made sense, this place encourages you to be social and interact. While it's also clean and nice and wonderful, it's so conducive to life outside of education. The fact that you're not ripped off by aggressive landlords is just a good plus. 

Then, standing in her empty kitchen, the hanger came over me.

My tummy was empty, I was entirely decaffeinated, and boy was I ready for breakfast. 

AJ had scouted out Yorks, and after checking their locally sourced produce online, I was ready for a full english. We left Cici to finish unpacking and hotfooted back to our flat (soon, so soon) the other side of town and headed towards a caffinated, v60, state. 

The coffee helped matters, leaving me more cognitively sound. It also tasted delicious - perfectly extracted and a nice well rounded blend. 

You know how fussy I am with my meats? Well, Yorks are pretty cool in that they source good local produce raised ethically. 

Plus they cook it to perfection - mmm! 

Also these lights... I kinda like them like them. 

After a hearty breakfast, we strolled along the city canals, wondering how our little Brian Cox in the making has grown so fast into a pretty awesome human. 

Ahh... they grow up so quick! 

Now where's that litre of vodka? I've got some cocktail recipes I want to try out!