September. You've got to be kidding.


My calendar seems to think that it's September. With this unplanned revelation I scrolled through my instagram wondering where the summer disappeared to. I guess this is a short and brief summery... 

The early morning bird song meant blurry eyed starts into the hills, putting miles on the legs and new climbs on the agenda. 

Alot of time was spent on the road, discovering new locations and exploring the continent with beautiful humans. 

This man and I found some beautiful secret locations, moments of quiet calm, and our enthused penchant for motion. 

Also a penchant for Champagne and old friends. But that goes without saying. 

When mornings called for indoor ventures, we fed our addiction to caffeine

Spending a majority of our days putting miles on the wheels, I discovered good locations for on the road guaranteed health. 

And stumbled upon lost books by my late grandfather

This little one returned from the southern hemisphere and it was fantastic having her stomping around the house again and eating everything in creation. Same city living in 2015 is going to be pretty awesome. 

We got to spend such a great few weeks with two wonderful little nephews of ours. Afternoons with the toddler and baby playing in the gardens and sipping glasses of loveliness with Lotte were precious. 

Now though, looking at the calendar, it seems the next free date is late January 2015. Okay, pass the coffee please, make it a double